Travel Writing: Top Sites That Pay Up to $800 per Article

Hey there, fellow wanderlusters and wordsmiths! Ever dreamt of combining your love for travel with your knack for writing? You’re in for a treat. The world is eager for stories of distant places, undiscovered treasures, and grand escapades – and they’re ready to pay for them.

In this guide, we’ll explore top-tier sites that don’t just welcome travel writing but also compensate you generously. Think earnings of up to $800 per article, maybe even more. So, whether you’re a pen-and-paper person or a laptop lover, let’s dive in!

1. Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure is a big name in the travel storytelling world. They share everything from picture-perfect tales and deep essays to handy travel tips. Their readers? They’re all about exploring, whether it’s a lavish spa getaway or a solo backpacking adventure. The goal? To give readers a real feel of places, even if they never set foot there.

What They Want: Fresh takes on travel! They love stories that shed new light on places, especially from writers or photographers with a unique voice. Think: tales about places that are often misunderstood or are changing.

Pitch Tips:

  • Make sure your idea is fresh and hasn’t been done before.
  • Clearly outline what your story is about and why it’s different.
  • Tell them why you’re the best person to write it.
  • Mention if you’ve been to the place you’re writing about or if you’ll need help with travel costs.
  • If you’re new to them, share some of your best work or your portfolio.

Payment Info: They don’t pay per word. Instead, they have set rates based on the kind of story. You get paid when they get your story, but remember to send an invoice. Also, include any press contacts or releases you have.

Digital Stories: They cover a mix of stories online. This could be quick travel news (300-500 words) or more in-depth pieces or listicles (500-2,000+ words).

How to Pitch:

One Last Thing: Make your pitch stand out, especially if it’s about a popular topic or based on a press trip. Originality and genuine storytelling are key for Travel + Leisure.


2. RV Magazine

RV Magazine is your go-to monthly read for everything RVing. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been RVing for years, this magazine has got you covered. From chef-inspired recipes to the latest in RV tech, it’s the ultimate guide for RV enthusiasts across North America.

What They’re After:

  • Foodie: Whip up delicious meals on the go. (300–500 words)
  • Camp Couture: RV makeovers and decor tips. (800–1,100 words)
  • Travel Inspiration: Hidden gems and epic RV adventures. (1,100–1,800 words)
  • Features: The latest trends and hot topics in RVing. (1,100–1,800 words)
  • In The Know: Campground highlights and celeb RV interviews. (600–1,100 words)
  • Rigs and Gear: Everything from new RV models to DIY fixes. (1,100–1,800 words)
  • Life on the Road: Traveling with pets and family, and staying fit. (800–1,100 words)
  • Technical/DIY: Deep dives into RV tech (mostly staff-written). Must be detailed and come with high-res pics. (1,100–1,800 words)

Show Me the Money:

  • Hands-on Technical: $600-$800
  • Travel/Lifestyle: $500-$700
  • Foodie: $300-$400
  • Camp Couture: $300-$500
  • In the Know: $200-$250
  • Product Roundups: $600-$800

Pitching Info: Got a story idea? Shoot an email to But remember, they only buy stories that come with photos. In fact, the quality of your pics can make or break your pitch.



AFAR is the go-to spot for travel stories that inspire and make a difference. They’re all about celebrating travel with heart, curiosity, and a dash of joy. Whether it’s their magazine or website, they’re serving up content that today’s travelers can’t get enough of.

What’s Up Their Alley:

  • AFAR Magazine: They’re after features, personal tales, opinions, photos, illustrations, fiction, poetry, and more. Got a story that captures the soul of a place? They’re listening. Pay starts at a cool $1/word.
  • Here, they cover everything from air travel to sustainability. They love content that shows travel as a force for good. Think book reviews, op-eds, and more. They mostly commission based on what they need. Pay kicks off at $0.50/word.

Pitching 101:

  • Give them a clear idea of your story, who’s in it, why it’s relevant now, and your estimated word count.
  • Add a short bio and some of your best work.
  • No word in two weeks? Or is your story time-critical? Feel free to nudge them.

Where to Send Your Gems:

Parting Words: Getting published on AFAR? It’s a big deal. Your work will be in front of a massive crowd of travel lovers. So, whether you’re sharing a personal journey or spotlighting a global trend, AFAR’s got room for your voice.


4. International Living

Think of International Living as your ultimate guide to life beyond borders. Founded by Bill Bonner in 1979, it’s now a global hub with stories from every corner of the world.

What They Want:

  • Magazine Articles: Deep dives into global travel, living, and investing. They love unique insights that you can’t find just anywhere. Pay? $225 for 900 words, $350 for 1,600 words, and an extra $50 if they use your pic.
  • Website Articles: Real stories from real expats. They want to hear about your adventures and lessons from living abroad. Pay is by word count: $100 for 1,000 words, $150 for 1,500 words, and so on.
  • Daily Postcards: Daily snippets of expat life, especially from U.S. or Canadian folks. Minimum 600 words. They’ll pay you $100, photos included.

Pitching Deets:

In a Nutshell: If you’ve lived the expat life and have tales to tell, International Living is your stage. Whether you’re a pro writer or just someone with a story, they’re all ears. With great pay and a massive audience, it’s a golden ticket for travel writers.



5. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet? Yeah, it’s that big-shot travel brand that’s been guiding wanderlusters since 1973. If you’re into travel, you’ve probably got one of their guides stashed somewhere.

What They’re Digging:

  • Daily Stories – Digital: 1000-word pieces that dive into the latest in travel. Think arts, culture, green travel, and more. They pay around $400, but it can vary based on a few things like your experience and the story’s depth.
  • Features – Digital: They want deep dives into why and how we travel. Personal tales, on-the-ground reports, or fresh takes on the world. Pay starts at $0.60/word, but it depends on the story and your expertise.
  • Destination Experts – Print & Digital: Know a place like the back of your hand? They want you. Write about top experiences or even whole guidebook chapters. Rates kick off at $275/article, but it can change based on a few factors.

Pitching Deets:

  • Digital Content: They’ve got a special form for this.
  • Guidebook Writers: There’s a separate Guidebook Writer Application Form for you.

Heads Up: If you’re pitching a story from a press trip, give them a heads up in your pitch. They’re cool with press trips, but they like to know upfront.

Why It’s Cool: Getting your name on Lonely Planet? It’s like the Oscars for travel writers. Your work will be out there for a massive crowd of travel junkies. If you’re looking to shine in the travel world, this is your stage.


6. World Nomads

World Nomads isn’t just about travel insurance. It’s a global hub for travelers seeking local insights, safety tips, and a dose of inspiration. They’re big on responsible travel, and they’ve got a soft spot for travel writing, photography, and filmmaking.

What They’re After:

  • Travel Safety: Got tips on dodging scams or staying healthy on the road? They’re all ears.
  • Explore: Share your deep travel tales. They’re not after “Top 10” lists but real, immersive stories.
  • Make a Difference: Tips on eco-friendly and responsible travel? Yes, please.
  • Learn: Share travel hacks or spill the beans on travel writing and photography.

Pitching 101:

  • Check out their content first. Make sure your idea fits and isn’t a repeat.
  • They love local insights and fresh angles.
  • Write like you’re chatting with a friend. Keep it real, vivid, and engaging.
  • Got a travel story that changed how you see the world? That’s gold.

Show Me the Money: They pay AUD $0.70/word. Most pieces are between 800–1,200 words.

Pitching Deets: Ready to join the crew? Send your pitch to But a heads up: they get loads of pitches, so…



ROVA is all about the thrill of the open road. Think RVs, van life, and epic road trips across the U.S. Whether you’re scrolling online or flipping through their magazine, ROVA is a visual and narrative feast for road trip junkies.

What They’re Digging:

  • Stories & Photos: They want tales and snaps that scream adventure. Think unique perspectives, hidden road gems, and stories that’ll make every RVer nod in agreement. Got a tale of ditching the 9-5 for the highway? They’re all ears.

Pitching 101:

  • Be detailed. They want to know exactly what you’re bringing to the table.
  • Got a unique angle? Shout it out.
  • If you’ve got past work, flaunt it. Links to your portfolio? Yes, please.

Show Me the Money: They offer a flat $200 for each accepted piece. And it’s not just for the content. It’s for firing up their community of road warriors. You get paid once they accept your work.

Pitching Deets: Ready to pitch? Head to their submission form on their site. Fill in your basics and spill the beans on why you and ROVA are a match made in road trip heaven. The more detailed and catchy your pitch, the better.

Why It’s Cool: ROVA’s got clout. Your work won’t just be online; it might even land in their print mag. It’s a chance to inspire a massive crowd of road trip enthusiasts.



8. Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine is the big league of history, science, arts, culture, and travel writing. Born from the Smithsonian Institution, it’s all about spreading knowledge and celebrating our world’s rich tapestry.

What They’re After:

  • Online Articles: Got a story that fits their wide range of topics? They’re open to pitches from experienced freelance writers. Payment? That’s a chat you’ll have once they’re into your idea.
  • Magazine Articles: They’re after deep dives for their print edition. Think features and some department pieces. Again, payment details are sorted once they give your pitch the thumbs up.

Pitching 101:

  • Be detailed. They want the full picture: your story idea, sources, and why it matters.
  • Toss in a short bio and some links to your past work.
  • They get heaps of pitches, so if you don’t hear back, don’t sweat it. If they’re keen, they’ll holler.

Pitching Deets: They’ve got specific forms for online and magazine submissions. Fill ’em out, and you’re good to go.

Why It’s Cool: Landing a spot in Smithsonian Magazine? That’s a writer’s dream. With their stellar rep and massive readership, it’s a golden ticket for any writer aiming for the stars.



GoNOMAD ain’t your typical travel site. They’re all about real, in-depth, no-fluff travel tales for the curious and seasoned traveler.

What They’re After:

  • Unique Takes: They’re after fresh perspectives on destinations, activities, and experiences. No guest posts or quick listicles here.
  • Deep Dives: Think unique journeys, detailed destination guides, and rich cultural experiences.

Pitching 101:

  • Before you pitch, check out their site. Get a feel for their vibe and make sure they haven’t covered your idea.
  • Love short paragraphs, subheads, and detailed photo captions.
  • Got a site? Linking to a GoNOMAD story or their guidelines could give your pitch a boost.

Show Me the Money:

  • They’ll drop $25 for features with solid photos, captions, and a word file. They’re big on photos, so make ’em count.
  • Book excerpts or reprints? They won’t pay, but they’ll take a look.
  • Once they publish, you’ll get your cash either by check or PayPal if you’re overseas.

Pitching Deets:

  • For features, send the full story with a snappy email about your article, your background, and where else it might’ve been published.
  • Attach a cover letter, your article in MSWord or Google doc, lots of photos, detailed photo captions, a headshot, and a one-liner bio.
  • Got photos? Share a link to an online gallery, like Google photos.
  • Make sure you own the rights to your pics.

Reach Out: Shoot your pitch to Max Hartshorne, their editor. You can email or snail mail it to: Max Hartshorne, Editor GoNOMAD P.O. Box 4 9 Mountain Rd. South Deerfield, MA 01373.

Heads Up: They buy First Worldwide Electronic Rights and can archive and reprint your stuff for four years. If you’re pitching to others too, let them know.


10. Escapees Magazine

Escapees Magazine is all about the RV life. It’s not your typical RV mag. Think technical insights, cool RV mods, lifestyle hacks, and epic travel tales. Whether you’re a full-time RVer, a snowbird, or just dreaming of hitting the road, this mag’s got something for you.

What They’re Digging:

  • Audience: RV enthusiasts, from full-timers to those just toying with the idea of extensive travel.
  • Topics: They’re after a mix: technical stuff, RV mods, lifestyle tips, and travel tales.
  • Writing Vibe: Keep it engaging and chatty. Paint a picture but skip the fluff and slang.
  • Relevance: Got something RV-related or super interesting for RVers? They’re in. If it’s seasonal, pitch it six months ahead.

Show Me the Money:

  • Feature articles? They pay on publication. Depending on your article and pics, you could get $100 to $200. Short fillers? That’s $50 to $100.

Pitching Deets:

  • Shoot your pitch to
  • Feature articles should be under 1,500 words. Got a short piece? They’re cool with 100 to 500 words.
  • They take articles on spec, so no promises they’ll use everything they get.

Pics & Bio:

  • They want clear, high-res, unedited pics. Label ’em, and if there are people in them, get their okay.
  • For feature articles, toss in a short bio and a high-res pic of you looking all natural.

Heads Up: Every submission needs a Limited Copyright License Agreement (LCLA) form. You can snag one from


11. Alaska Magazine

Since 1935, Alaska Magazine has been the go-to for all things Alaska. Think people, wildlife, events, and the sheer beauty of the place. They drop 10 issues a year, giving readers an insider look at life in Alaska.

What They Want:

  • Features: Deep dives ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 words. They’ve got themes for each issue, so check those out.
  • Other Bits: Articles that fit into 500-800 words, usually vibing with the magazine’s themes.
  • Photos: They’re big on crisp, high-res images. You can email low-res ones for a first look, but they’ll need the high-res versions for publishing.

Pitching Tips:

  • Get to know the magazine. It’ll up your chances of getting in.
  • They’re open to different writing styles, but quality’s king.
  • New to them? Send over one published and one unpublished sample. If you’re totally new to publishing, two unpublished samples will do.
  • They plan way ahead. Got a seasonal piece? Reach out early.
  • They’ve got themes for 2023 up on their site. Worth a peek.

Payment Deets:

  • They buy first North American serial publication and digital rights.
  • You’ll get paid when your piece hits the print issue.
  • Heads up: They might use your work on their site or socials without extra pay, unless you chat about it beforehand.

Pitch Them: Shoot your pitch to Use this format for your email subject: “Query: [your topic].”


12. Wanderlust Magazine

Since 1993, Wanderlust Magazine has been the go-to for true travel aficionados. They’re not just about articles; they’ve got unique trip tools, a massive travel photography competition, and a global award for tour leaders.

What They Want:

  • Features: They’re big on in-depth travel features. While narrative pieces aren’t their thing online, they’re all for lists, guides, and advice.
  • Photos: High-quality snaps that really capture a place or experience.
  • Themes: They’ve got regular formats like Trip Planner, Round-up features, and more. Check their site for the full list.

Pitching Tips:

  • Know their style and content. And make sure they haven’t recently covered your topic.
  • Be detailed in your proposal. They want to know the story, sources, and why it’s relevant.
  • Be clear in your email subject about what you’re proposing.
  • They’re not into guest posts. If you’re promoting something, chat with their Media Specialists.

Payment Deets:

  • As of 01/06/10, they pay £220 for every 1,000 words in the magazine. Fact pages get £90 per page (around 750 words). This is for full rights. They pay within 30 days of publishing.

Pitch Them:

Note: They get a ton of submissions. If you don’t hear back, they probably couldn’t fit your piece in right now.


13. Air Canada enRoute

Air Canada enRoute is a prestigious travel magazine that offers a Canadian lens to a global audience. Found on Air Canada flights and various lounges, it reaches over 1 million travelers monthly, covering a myriad of topics from arts to tech.

What They Want:

  • Features: They’re big on narrative journalism, wanting pieces that offer fresh perspectives despite their long lead time. Topics can span food, arts, tech, trends, and more, all with a travel twist.
  • Short Features: Deep dives into specific places or events based on recent experiences. (200-550 words)
  • Long Features: A wider look at a city or region, focusing on unique angles rather than a step-by-step journey. The goal is to give readers a genuine feel of the place. (1,200-1,700 words)

Pitching Tips:

  • Know their style and check if they’ve recently covered your topic.
  • Be specific in your pitch, ensuring it has a strong sense of place and relevance.
  • The location should be an Air Canada destination or on a Star Alliance™ route.
  • They don’t accept unsolicited pieces or writing on spec.
  • Limit your queries to two pitches per email and one email a month.
  • They aim to reply within 30 days, but due to the volume, it might take longer.

Payment Deets:

  • Specifics aren’t provided on their site. Discuss payment with the editorial team once your pitch is accepted.

Pitch Them:


14. Canadian Geographic

A publication of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic delves into topics related to Canada’s environment, exploration, history, science, wildlife, culture, and more. It offers readers a mix of in-depth articles, beautiful photography, and insightful commentary.

What They Want:

  • Topical and Current: Ideas that are timely and relevant to current events and trends.
  • Quality Writing: Pitches are assessed based on the writing style and content.
  • Mesh with Timelines: They plan features well in advance but can accommodate shorter pieces for specific sections more quickly.
  • Diverse Topics: They aim to cover a broad range of topics from different regions of Canada in each issue.

Submission Tips:

  • Review back issues to familiarize yourself with the magazine’s style.
  • Send ideas in writing to
  • Be patient, as they only purchase about 28 feature stories annually.
  • Understand that many proposals might be rejected due to the magazine’s specific needs.

Payment Deets:

  • Payment details are not specified on their website. It’s best to discuss compensation with the editorial team upon pitch acceptance.


  • They might not respond to every query due to the high volume of pitches received.

15. Outpost Magazine

Outpost Magazine is a platform dedicated to travel, adventure, and culture with a Canadian touch. They emphasize longform travel journalism, high-quality photos, and in-depth travel guides to unique destinations.

What They Want:

  • Feature Stories: Longform pieces detailing specific adventures or experiences, typically ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 words.
  • Thrillseeker: Stories about extreme adventure travels, such as expeditions, adventure races, or unique experiences that get the heart racing.
  • The Insider’s Guide: Authoritative pieces that offer travel advice, tips, and ideas on specific themes or experiences.
  • Gourmet Du Monde: International recipes accompanied by a cultural backstory.

Submission Tips:

  • They only accept pitches on spec.
  • Email pitches to
  • For unwritten stories, provide a detailed outline, including story angle, direction, elements, proposed length, and photo availability.
  • Include 2-3 samples of your previously published work.

Payment Deets:

  • Payment rates are negotiated individually with the editorial board.
  • Canadian contributors are paid via e-transfers, while international contributors are paid through PayPal.
  • They need to be informed of any free services received from FAM or press trips. Generally, FAM trip submissions aren’t accepted, but there can be exceptions.


  • Familiarize yourself with the magazine’s style, focus, and tone before submitting.

16. Your Own Travel Blog

Why rely on others when you can be the master of your own narrative? Starting your own travel blog not only allows you to share your unique travel stories but also offers an opportunity to earn from your passion.

What You Gain:

  • Personal Platform: Share your travel experiences, photos, and insights without any restrictions.
  • Monetization: On average, travel bloggers earn around $5,000 a month. With dedication and the right strategies, you can turn your blog into a full-time income source.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow travelers, get invited to press trips, and receive products or services for reviews.
  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.
  • Credibility: Establish yourself as an expert in the travel niche, which can open doors to other opportunities like writing for magazines, guest appearances, and more.

Get Started: If the idea of starting your own travel blog excites you, I’ve got just the thing to help you kickstart your journey. I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the process step-by-step on how to start a blog for beginners and earn a fulltime income off it. From setting up your blog to growing your audience and monetizing your content, this guide has got you covered. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Just click on the button below to get started!


Final Thoughts

Alright, let’s wrap this up! Dive into the world of travel writing, and you’ll quickly realize it’s a vast ocean of opportunities. From the glossy pages of renowned magazines to the digital realms of blogging, there’s a spot for everyone. And hey, if you’ve got a unique voice and a tale to tell, the world’s your oyster.

Now, I get it. The world of travel writing might seem a tad overwhelming at first. But trust me, once you dip your toes in, you’ll be hooked. And this list? Think of it as your trusty compass, guiding you through the maze of opportunities out there.

Don’t forget to circle back here every now and then. I’ll be hustling on my end, updating this list with fresh platforms and the latest gigs in the travel writing sphere. So, keep this page on your radar, and who knows? Your next big gig might just be a scroll away.

Till then, keep the wanderlust alive, pen down those adventures, and remember – every story counts. Happy travels and even happier writing! Cheers!


About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .


About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .

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