500 Summer Blog Post Ideas for Every Niche

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Summer is here. The days are longer, the sun shines brighter, the air feels a lot warmer, and our minds begin to wander… to thoughts of backyard barbecues, crackling campfires, hiking holidays, RV road trips, or sun-soaked seaside sojourns.

When our minds are already on vacation mode, it’s difficult getting any work done. And for us bloggers, that means it’s a real struggle to consistently write and publish new content over the summer. In fact, forget about writing and publishing – it’s already a struggle just to come up with ideas on what to write about!

If you’re having a hard time thinking up topics for your blog’s summer lineup, don’t worry – I’ve got just the thing for you. I have here a list of 500 blog post ideas that’s perfect for summertime blogging. There’s some here for every one of the most popular blogging niches, from books to fashion to money to travel, and everything in between, so you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

And since we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, I’ve dedicated an entire section just for summer blog post ideas with COVID-19 in mind. They’re a mix of blog post ideas from a wide range of niches, including pandemic-appropriate summer fashion, parenting during quarantine, love and dating in the time of coronavirus, summer travel amid COVID-19, and a whole lot more.

Now if you go through the list, you’ll notice that some of the blog post ideas could easily and expectedly tie up with one another – well, that’s your cue to get creative! You can either write a blog post for each of those topics, or you can mash them together and create a single longform article. It’s really up to you.

You’ll also notice that there’s no section dedicated to lifestyle blogs. Now why is that? Well, that’s because lifestyle bloggers can write about any topic imaginable, and all the topics here can fit well into any lifestyle blog. So, if you’re a lifestyle blogger, feel free to pick any blog post idea from any niche here and turn it into an amazing piece of content that’s uniquely your own!

So… yeah. I really hope that this list can give you a bit of inspiration, and an idea or two on what posts to write, and contents to create, for your blog throughout the sunny summer season.

Have a great summer, everyone, and happy summer blogging!


First on the list are these summer blog post ideas that fit well into any blog, regardless of niche or category. They’re already great topics to begin with, but with your creativity and finesse, they can be so much more. So feel free to work them into something truly click-worthy and readworthy.

1. Why summer is the best season of the year
2. Compelling reasons to love summer
3. The best things about summertime
4. Inspiring quotes and sayings about summer
5. Best summer vacation quotes
6. Best summer captions for Instagram
7. Best beach captions for Instagram
8. How to make the most of the sunny season
9. Best ways to have a good summer
10. Fun ways to spend a summer night
11. Summer bucket list: things to do before summer ends
12. Fun things to do during the summer break
13. What to do if you don’t have summer plans
14. Your most unforgettable summer memories
15. Pictures that perfectly capture the essence of summer
16. Evocative scents and smells of summer
17. Best summer songs of all time
18. Best songs about the beach
19. Perfect songs for the ultimate beachy playlist
20. Ingenuous ways to beat the heat

Coronavirus Considerations

Well, it looks like the pandemic will last throughout summer, and even for a while longer. Down below I’ve got a list of pandemic-appropriate summer blog post ideas for you to cover, no matter your blogging niche or category, to help your audience make the most of summer with COVID-19 in mind.

21. Pandemic-themed books to read this summer
22. Best summer reads while in quarantine
23. Summer fashion in the time of COVID-19
24. Summer fashion trends influenced by the pandemic
25. Top face mask choices for summer
26. Useful tips for staying cool while wearing a face mask in hot weather
27. How to look your best while wearing a face mask
28. A summer guide to mask-friendly make-up
29. Best eye makeup ideas to wear with your face mask
30. Perfect hairstyles to go with your face mask
31. Productive things to do this summer while in quarantine
32. Best summertime activities for kids during COVID-19
33. Socially distanced summer games for children to play outdoors
34. Summer activities for the whole family during the COVID-19 pandemic
35. Tips for planning a safe summer birthday party for children in the midst of COVID-19
36. How to throw a safe outdoor in-person party with social distancing
37. How to host a socially distanced backyard BBQ this summer
38. Practical tips for long-distance dating during quarantine
39. How to keep the romance alive in the time of COVID-19
40. Creative socially distanced summer date night ideas
41. Fun summer activities couples can still do while in quarantine
42. At-home summer date night ideas to keep your relationship strong
43. Common quarantine fights couples have and how to resolve them
44. How to travel safely during the coronavirus pandemic
45. Safe summer holiday destinations during COVID-19
46. Beach destinations in <insert city, state, or country here> you’re allowed to visit with family
47. Important things to consider when planning a summer vacation during COVID-19
48. Best summer destinations to visit when the pandemic is finally over
49. Safety tips for a summer road trip during COVID-19
50. How to fly safe and arrive well amid COVID-19
51. Air travel health tips during COVID-19
52. Must-have essentials for safe summer travel during the pandemic
53. How to enjoy summer outdoor hiking responsibly while in a pandemic
54. How to start a small summer business venture with coronavirus in mind
55. Pandemic-proof business ideas you can start this summer
56. Small business ideas for a post-pandemic world
57. Safe summer jobs to take up during COVID-19
58. Creative and safe summer jobs for teens amid COVID-19
59. Virtual summer internship opportunities for students
60. How to continue working from home even after the pandemic

Arts and Crafts

Summer is such a great time to take up an artistic project or two. From outdoor crafts and DIY projects to art courses and classes, get creative with your craft blog’s summer lineup with these ingenuous summer blog post ideas.

61. Easy summer craft ideas to try
62. Fun summer art ideas for kids
63. Simple but creative mason jar DIYs for summer
64. Outdoor crafts for adults to create this summer
65. Easy summer DIY projects for adults
66. How to turn crafting into a business over the summer
67. Profitable DIY crafts to make and sell this summer
68. Irresistible reasons to start crafting this summer
69. How to learn crafts all by yourself this summer
70. Best craft blogs to inspire your summer DIY projects
71. Why you should start a craft blog this summer
72. Summer arts classes to take at your local arts center or college
73. Online craft classes to take this summer
74. Summer craft fetes and fairs worth visiting
75. Summer arts and music festivals you must not miss


Summer’s here, and that means road trips and long drives and convertibles and RVs and – well, you get the point. So send the traffic to your auto blog with these summer blog post ideas that cover everything from car picks for the summer season to expert advice on RV rentals.

76. Top car picks for the summer season
77. Best summer cars you can buy at every price range
78. Pros and cons of buying a car in summer
79. Top luxury cars to drive in summer
80. Best budget cars for summer road trips
81. Top summer car care and maintenance tips
82. How to get your vehicle ready for summer
83. Must-follow summer car maintenance checklist
84. Best car accessories for summer
85. How to keep your car cool this summer
86. Useful accessories to keep your vehicle cool in hot weather
87. Helpful tips to prevent your car from overheating
88. Essential summer driving safety tips
89. How to prep your vehicle for a summer road trip
90. Expert tips for buying an RV this summer
91. Things to know when renting an RV for summer
92. How to find the best auto insurance for long summer road trips
93. Best reasons to start an auto blog this summer

Beauty and Fashion

Give your blog a total summer makeover with fashion advice and beauty tips that are hotter than the summer sun. Beach wear, skin care, hairstyles, wardrobe essentials – you name it, it’s all here!

94. Summer beauty tips and secrets
95. Beauty kit essentials for summer
96. How to protect your skin during summer
97. Summer skin care tips for a radiant skin
98. Best summer skin care products and essentials
99. Expert tips for getting the perfect tan
100. Best ways to get a healthy tan
101. A guide to the perfect summer tanning routine
102. Hottest makeup trends and ideas to go crazy over this summer
103. Best summer makeup looks
104. Makeup tips for hot summer days
105. Best beach makeup looks for summer
106. Cute nail designs to rock this summer
107. Latest summer haircut and hairstyle trends
108. DIY hair tutorials for hot weather
109. Perfect summertime hair colors
110. Cute and easy summer hairstyles
111. Stunning short hairstyles for summer
112 How to style your long hair in hot weather
113. Hottest summer styles and fashion trends
114. Top summer wardrobe essentials
115. <Insert clothing store or brand here> summer fashion haul
116. Stunning sundresses to wear this summer
117. Best beach outfits to show off this summer
118. Top summer swimsuit picks
119. Beach wear and outfit ideas for curvy people
120. Chic pool party outfits
121. Fabulous festival fashion for summer
122. What to wear to a music festival
123. Cute summer date night outfit ideas
124. Stylish outfit ideas for a summer picnic
125, What to wear to a summer BBQ party
126. What to wear to a baseball game
127. Lovely summer wedding guest dresses
128. Cute and comfy summer sandals
129. Best summer hats and headwear
130. Summer perfumes and fragrances
131. Why you should start a beauty blog this summer
132. Ultimate reasons to start a fashion blog this summer

Blogging and Social Media

For bloggers who blog about blogging (or social media), here’s some great summer blog post ideas for your blog’s summer lineup (what a mouthful that was).

133. How to set blogging goals for summer
134. Summer blog post ideas for every niche
135. Amazing blog post ideas for June
136. Creative blog post ideas for July
137. Great blog post ideas for August
138. How to create a summer editorial calendar for your blog
139. How to start a blog this summer
140. Powerful reasons to start a blog this summer
141. Why blogging about blogging is a great idea to do this summer
142. Awesome blog posts you can create from your summer vacation
143. How to create the best blogging routine for summer
144. Helpful tips for blogging even during a vacation
145. How to take a summer break from your blog
146. Social media summer content ideas
147. Expert tips to fill your summer content calendar
148. Compelling reasons to take a break from social media this summer
149. How to take a summer break from social media

Books and Writing

On the beach, during a road trip, by the pool, in a tent, on a plane, or underneath a tree, there’s just so many chances, and so many places, to read this summer. Make sure your book blog is one of them. So get people reading on your blog with these readworthy summer blog post ideas that cover everything from the best beach reads to summer writing workshops – yes, this list is also for bloggers who blog about writing!

150. Best reasons to read more this summer
151. How to make time to read this summer
152. Great places to read this summer
153. Top summer reading recommendations
154. Best new books to read this summer
155. Summer-themed books to read
156. Best beach reads ever written
157. Awesome books to bring on vacation
158. Great books to read around the campfire
159. Books to get you camping this summer
160. Why you should take up creative writing this summer
161. Expert tips for getting started on creative writing this summer
162. Powerful reasons to write a book this summer
163. Creative story ideas for your summer novel
164. Useful tips for writing a summer romance novel
165. How to write a book about your summer travels and adventures
166. Why you should start a book review blog this summer
167. How to improve your writing skills this summer
168. Best summer courses in creative writing
169. Top summer creative writing programs for high schoolers
170. Summer writing workshops to join

Business and Entrepreneurship

Summer’s here, and that means a whole lot of ways to make money under the sun. Make sure you’re covering them all on your blog with this list of summer blog post ideas for bloggers who blog about business and entrepreneurship.

171. How to become an entrepreneur over the summer
172. Best small business ideas for summer
173. Summer business ideas for students
174. Great business ideas for kids to start this summer
175. Profitable summer business ideas for stay-at-home moms
176. Reasons to start blogging as a business this summer
177. Fun and profitable food business ideas this summer
178. In-demand foods to sell at your local fair
179. How to set up a successful farmer’s market stand
180. Hottest summer dropshipping products to sell
181. Expert tips to get you started on your summer business
182. Practical tips to prepare your business for summer
183. How to take a summer vacation from your small business
184. Best ways to get your business back on track after a summer vacation
185. Realistic tips to help your employees stay productive throughout summer
186. Best summer courses in business studies
187. Best summer classes in entrepreneurship
188. Online business classes you can take for free this summer
189. Entrepreneurship summer programs for teens

Family and Parenting

Backyard BBQs, outdoor games, family road trips – there’s probably no better time to spend with your kids and the whole family than the summer season. So write about all the fun summer things you can do with the family on your blog with this list of summer blog post ideas.

190. How to strengthen family bonds this summer
191. Best summer activities for bonding with your kids
192. Fun summer activities for kids to enjoy
193. Super fun family activities to try this summer
194. Easy summer crafts for kids
195. Summer arts and crafts for toddlers
196. Best summer camps and classes for kids
197. Fun indoor activities for kids when it’s too hot outside
198. Ingenuous ways to keep kids entertained during rainy summer days
199. How to make lemonade with your kids
200. How to make delicious slushies for kids
201. Yummy slushie recipes that kids will love
202. Best outdoor games for kids
203. Easy backyard games perfect for sunny days
204. How to make your backyard safe for your kid’s summer play
205. Great ideas for a kid-friendly backyard play area
206. How to treat your child’s scrapes, scratches, and other minor injuries
207. Best sunscreen for kids
208. Fun pool games for kids
209. Pool games to play with children who can’t swim
210. Effective methods for teaching your child how to swim
211. How to plan for the perfect summer family getaway
212. Affordable family vacations to take this summer
213. Best summer vacation destinations in <insert city, state, or country here> for families
214. How to survive your summer family trip to Disney World
215. Great alternatives to Disney World
216. Best family-friendly waterparks to visit this summer
217. Best lake resort vacations for your family’s summer adventure
218. How to travel with kids this summer
219. Kid-friendly summer staycation ideas for families
220. How to make backyard camping fun
221. Father’s Day gift guide
222. How to help your kids beat the summer slide/slump
223. Best reasons to start a mommy blog this summer


Bring a whole new flavor to your food blog with these awesome summer blog post ideas. From BBQ essentials, to homemade popsicle recipes, to summer wine pairings, pick a topic or two below and start cookin’!

224. Fresh and easy summer recipes to try
225. Cooling recipes for hot summer days
226. How to make lemonade step-by-step
227. Perfect lemonade recipes for summer
228. Refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for summer
229. How to make homemade popsicles
230. Best homemade popsicle recipes
231. Healthy homemade fruit popsicles
232. Delicious homemade ice cream recipes
233. Easy summer fruit skewers/kebobs
234. Best backyard cookout ideas
235. Top grilling tips, tricks, and techniques
236. Summer backyard BBQ essentials
237. Mouthwatering BBQ recipes to try this summer
238. Expert tips for hosting the best summer barbecue
239. Great summer side dish recipes
240. Best recipes for summer salads
241. Easy recipes for a perfect summer picnic
242. Best summer picnic food ideas
243. What to pack for a summer picnic
244. Tasty picnic sandwiches recipes to enjoy this summer
245. Refreshing summer cocktails recipes
246. Perfect summer wine and food pairings
247. Easy summer dinners
248. Best no-bake summer treats
249. Summer desserts for cooling down
250. Best vegetarian summer recipes
251. Vegan summer recipes that are satisfying and delicious
252. Easy and delicious summer paleo recipes
253. Easy keto recipes to see you through summer
254. Best produce to buy at your local farmer’s market
255. Why you should start a food blog this summer
256. Top food blogs to inspire your summer recipes

Gardening and Landscaping

Just as you would in a garden, plant new content on your gardening blog and keep it growing over the summer season with these fresh and evergreen summer blog post ideas!

257. Top summer gardening tips and hacks
258. Must-follow summer gardening checklist
259. How to maintain your lawn during extreme heat
260. When is it too hot to mow the lawn?
261. Best time to mow a lawn when it’s too hot outside
262. Ultimate hot weather lawn care tips
263. How to help your garden survive summer
264. A practical guide on how to weed a garden
265. Best watering schedule in the summer
266. Realistic water-saving gardening tips during a drought
267. Best ways to protect your garden during a heatwave
268. Best flowers for summer
269. Gorgeous summer flowers that bloom all season long
270. Easiest summer flowers to plant in your garden
271. Best summer-blooming shrubs for your garden
272. How to start a vegetable garden this summer
273. Best vegetables to plant in the summer
274. Top vegetables that grow in hot weather
275. Best tips for vegetable gardening during a drought
276. What veggies to grow in drought
277. How to landscape your yard this summer
278. How to build a rock garden this summer
279. Awesome rock garden ideas to try this summer
280. Great reasons to start a gardening blog this summer

Health and Fitness

The summer season brings with it plenty of opportunities, and plenty of challenges, to our health and fitness. From practical guides on outdoor exercises, to useful tips on staving off heat exhaustion and dehydration, make sure you’re telling people how to stay healthy and keep fit over the sunny season with this list of health- and fitness-themed summer blog post ideas.

281. How to stay healthy during summer vacation
282. What to include in your summer emergency kit
283. Beat the heat: how to stay cool in hot weather
284. Ideal ways to prevent heat stroke
285. Practical tips to avoid heat exhaustion
286. How to survive a heat wave
287. How to keep yourself hydrated
288. Water-rich foods to help you stay hydrated
289. How to prevent getting sunburn
290. How to keep fit over the summer holidays
291. Ultimate guide to outdoor workouts
292. Best late-night workouts during the summer
293. Helpful tips for working out in the heat
294. Worst summer workout mistakes to avoid
295. Best tips for your summer yoga practice
296. Perks of practicing yoga in summer
297. Yoga sequence for the summer solstice
298. Yoga techniques to beat the heat this summer
299. Comfy workout clothes for hot weather
300. Best breathable summer leggings for hot days
301. Home workouts for when it’s too hot to go outside
302. Healthy green smoothie recipes for summer
303. Healthy homemade ice cream recipes to try
304. Healthy and delicious green salad recipes for summer
305. Expert tips for healthy summer snacking
306. Unhealthy foods and drinks to avoid this summer
307. How to follow keto diet during summer
308. How to get the most out of summer with paleo diet
309. Healthy benefits of shopping at a farmer’s market
310. Why it’s a great idea to start a fitness blog this summer
311. Top reasons to start a health blog this summer

Home Decor

A change in season means a change of home decor, and a lot of people are looking for fresh and novel ways to welcome summertime right into their own homes. Be the first to give them the best home decor advice and inspiration with these summer blog post ideas that just fit right on your home decor blog.

312. Hottest interior design and home decor trends for summer
313. Easy DIY home decor ideas for summer
314. Best summer color trends
315. Fresh summer color palettes for your home
316. Lovely summer living room decor ideas
317. Best decor ideas for a summer-ready bedroom
318. How to keep your home cool this summer
319. Ways to cool down your house without AC
320. Best houseplants to help keep your house cool this summer
321. Best scents and fragrances to make your home smell like summer
322. Top product picks for summer scented candles and diffusers
323. How to declutter your home this summer
324. Easy summer decluttering ideas to try
325. Essential summer decluttering checklist to follow
326. Amazing backyard decor ideas for summer
327. Summer patio decorating ideas and inspiration
328. Great outdoor decorating ideas for small spaces
329. How to transform your old shed this summer
330. Amazing home decor blogs to inspire your summer decor project
331. Best reasons to start a home decor blog this summer
332. Home decor classes to take this summer
333. Online summer interior design classes to attend

Love and Relationship

Summer lovin’, summer bloggin’! Create a summer of love right on your blog with these summer blog post ideas that feature topics from romantic summer date ideas to gorgeous summer wedding gifts.

334. Perfect summer date night ideas
335. Best summer date ideas for teens
336. Romantic summer date ideas for married couples
337. Lovely date night ideas for after the kids are in bed
338. Fun outdoor date ideas
339. How to plan a cute picnic date this summer
340. Perfect picnic date outfits
341. How to have a successful date at a baseball game
342. Cute outfits to wear to a baseball game date
343. Top reasons why road trips make for perfect dates
344. Hot tips to make your romantic road trip unforgettable
345. Useful tips for the perfect drive-in movie date
346. What to wear to a drive-in movie date
347. Creative ideas for a romantic camping date
348. How to create a stay-at-home camping date night
349. Backyard romantic camping for couples
350. Compelling reasons to go on a hiking date
351. What to wear on a hiking date
352. Romantic stargazing date ideas for couples to try this summer
353. Fun ideas for a date night by the pool
354. How to have fun in a hot tub on a summer date night
355. How to plan the perfect summer wedding
356. Gorgeous summer wedding themes
357. Best destinations for a summer wedding
358. Helpful tips for attending an outdoor summer wedding
359. Super thoughtful summer wedding gift ideas

Money and Finance

This summer, beat the heat – and overspending and bad financial habits – with this list of money-themed summer blog post ideas. From ideas on earning extra income, to tips on saving more, to advice on investing, these topics are definitely right on the money for your personal finance blog!

360. How to earn extra money this summer
361. Great summer jobs for kids
362. Best summer money-making ideas for college students
363. Lucrative summer jobs for teachers to earn extra money
364. Best ways to earn money working abroad this summer
365. Ultimate ways to save money this summer
366. How to stay on budget during the summer
367. How to avoid going broke after the summer vacation
368. Best online sales and deals to watch out for this summer
369. Realistic ways to beat the heat and save money on your energy bill
370. Practical summer water-saving hacks to reduce your bill
371. Ingenuous tricks to cut down on summer utility bills
372. How to build an emergency fund this summer
373. Helpful tips on planning a fun but frugal summer vacation
374. How to save a lot on your summer vacation
375. How to have a summer party on a budget
376. How to save money at a farmer’s market
377. Why summer is a great time to invest
378. Best investing courses to learn this summer
379. How to manage your investment portfolio over the summer
380. Best stocks that shine in summer
381. Top stock picks to buy before the summer shopping season
382. How to master stock market trading this summer
383. Best commodities to invest in for a profitable summer
384. Best personal finance blogs to follow this summer
385. Why you should start a personal finance blog this summer

Movies and TV Shows

Looking for summer blog post ideas for your movie and TV show blog? I’ve got some for you down below that are guaranteed to turn your blog into a blockbuster!

386. Best summer movies of all time
387. New movie releases to see this summer
388. Classic movies to watch this summer
389. Greatest movies about summer
390. Best summer movies for kids
391. Great movies about summer vacation
392. Best beach movies ever
393. Comedy beach movies to watch
394. Romantic movies about summer love
395. Top Netflix shows to watch this summer
396. Best TV shows to binge-watch this summer
397. Best places to catch a drive-in movie in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>
398. A guide to the summer movie line-up at your local cinema
399. A guide to the summer movie line-up at your local drive-in


Let people know how to take really good care of their pets during the sunny season with these perfect pet-themed summer blog post ideas.

400. Top summer pet safety tips
401. How to keep pets cool in summer
402. Practical tips for walking your dog in hot weather
403. Best dog breeds for hot weather
404. Worst dog breeds for hot weather
405. Fun things to do with your dog this summer
406. Practical tips for traveling with pets
407. Everything you need to know about flying with a dog
408. Ultimate tips for epic summer road trips with your dog
409. What to do with your pet when you’re on vacation
410. Best pet sitting options when you’re away for vacation
411. How to choose the right pet sitter
412. Great reasons to adopt a pet this summer
413. Pet-friendly summer destinations in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>


Help your readers capture their summer moments perfectly and turn them into lasting memories with these summer blog post ideas that include everything from summer photoshoots to drone photography classes.

414. Stunning photographs that capture the meaning of summer
415. Your summer in photos
416. Creative ideas for summer photography
417. Amazing beach photography ideas to try this summer
418. Spectacular summer-themed photoshoot ideas and inspiration
419. Expert photography tips to help you capture the summer season
420. How to photograph the summer solstice
421. Great things to photograph this summer
422. Awesome summer landscape photography ideas
423. Best places to photograph this summer
424. Secrets for improving your summer landscape photography
425. Expert tips for taking photos in bright sunlight
426. How to make the most of the summer golden hour
427. Best cameras for summer vacation
428. Best camera phones for capturing your summer
429. Best drones for your summer photography
430. Brilliant tips to perfectly capture your summer with drones
431. Learn how to fly a drone all by yourself this summer
432. Great photography workshops to join this summer
433. Online summer photography classes to take
434. Drone flying classes to attend this summer

Tech and Gaming

Be the first to let the world know what’s cookin’ on the tech and gaming scene with these tech- and gaming-related summer blog post ideas.

435. Hottest tech trends this summer
436. Best new phones coming this summer
437. Must-have summer gadgets and accessories
438. Best gadgets to keep you cool this summer
439. Superb gadgets to cool down your house
440. Awesome summer gadgets perfect for your vacation
441. High-tech gear and gadgets for your summer adventures
442. Ultimate summer tech gift guide
443. Best summer tech camps to go to
444. Online tech classes to take this summer
445. Best tech internships to apply for this summer
446. New video game titles coming this summer
447. Video games you can’t wait to play this summer
448. Greatest games that capture the feeling of summer
449. Video games that can replace traditional summertime activities
450. Best video games on sale this summer

Travel and the Outdoors

Beach vacays, waterparks, mountain hikes, road trips, RV camping – yup, summer is definitely the best time to be out and about. Make sure people are getting expert travel advice and in-depth travel guides from your travel blog with this list of travel-themed summer blog post ideas that feature topics from the best beach destinations to summer travel insurance options, and everything in between.

451. Cool places to beat the heat
452. Best summer vacation spots in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>
453. Why you should visit <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here> this summer
454. What to do in < insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here> during summer
455. How to spend a summer abroad
456. Most beautiful beaches in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>
457. Travel guide to local beaches or lakes
458. Best beach destinations to visit this summer
459. Cheap summer beach getaways
460. What to pack when going to the beach
461. Best beach quotes
462. Quotes and sayings about the sea
463. Best lake vacations in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>
464. Best fishing spots in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>
465. Ultimate road trips to take this summer
466. How to plan for an unforgettable summer road trip
467. Expert travel tips for a perfect summer road trip
468. Must-have summer road trip essentials
469. Best songs for your perfect summer road trip playlist
470. Best summer hikes in <insert tourist spot, city, state, or country here>
471. Excellent tips and tricks for summer hiking
472. Safety tips for hiking in hot weather
473. What to wear hiking in summer
474. What to bring for summer hiking
475. Best campsites for your summer camping trip
476. Must-have summer camping essentials
477. Top summer camping tips
478. Tips for staying cool on summer camping trips
479. Perfect tents for summer camping
480. Stunning stargazing spots to visit this summer
481. Top summer RV travel destinations
482. Why you need travel insurance for your next summer trip
483. Best travel insurance options for your summer vacation

Work from Home and Home Office

Summer is here, and with it comes plenty of work from home opportunities, and plenty of work from home challenges as well. This list of summer blog post ideas will inspire you to craft creative content meant to help people make the most of the sunny season while working from home.

484. How to work from home this summer
485. How to find remote work online
486. Creative work from home jobs to start this summer
487. Best summer WFH jobs for stay-at-home moms
488. Work from home summer jobs for students
489. WFH companies you should apply to this summer
490. Realistic ways to stay productive when your mind is on vacation
491. How to work from home comfortably during the summer
492. Best summer clothes for working at home
493. How to keep your home office cool in summer
494. Best home office cooling solutions to try this summer
495. Top gadgets and accessories to cool your home office
496. Best houseplants to help keep your office cool over the summer
497. Amazing summer decor ideas for your home office
498. How to give your small home office a makeover this summer
499. Spectacular summer paint colors for your home office
500. Lovely summer scents for your home office

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I’m Jared dela Cruz, founding father daddy of phmillennia & five-time winner of Witch Weekly‘s Most Charming Smile Award. I’m a wizard. I used to study at Hogwarts, but I dropped out. Actually, I was expelled. Got accused of practicing the tickling charm on Thaddeus Thurkell’s seven squib sons & running an underground market of dangerous potions. Only one of those was true.

So now I’m a writer. Or at least I think I am.

But hey, thank you for being here. For supporting my work. For supporting me. You are noble. You are kind. You are beautiful. And you – why, you are my beacon of light, love, & laughter! You make me feel … beloved. And I hope, one day, I can show you how much you mean to me. If you have money, won’t you give me some, too?

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Felicitations, fellow malefactors!

What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Hi there!

I’m Jared dela Cruz, founding father daddy of phmillennia & five-time winner of Witch Weekly‘s Most Charming Smile Award. I’m a wizard. I used to study at Hogwarts, but I dropped out. Actually, I was expelled. Got accused of practicing the tickling charm on Thaddeus Thurkell’s seven squib sons & running an underground market of dangerous potions. Only one of those was true.

So now I’m a writer. Or at least I think I am.

But hey, thank you for being here. For supporting my work. For supporting me. You are noble. You are kind. You are beautiful. And you – why, you are my beacon of light, love, & laughter! You make me feel … beloved. And I hope, one day, I can show you how much you mean to me. If you have money, won’t you give me some, too?

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