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Top Sites That Pay Moms, Dads, and Parents-to-Be to Write

Are you a mom, dad, or a parent-to-be? If you are, then here is a list of the top sites that will pay you to write about things you know by heart. Now’s your chance to share your story, experience, and wisdom as a parent or a parent in the making, and give a little help, hope, and inspiration to parents everywhere, from the mothers and fathers in your neighborhood to those walking the parenting journey half a world away. Celebrate the joys of parenthood, commiserate in the struggles, and change the world, one child at a time, all through great writing.

1. FreelanceMom

FreelanceMom is a website built with the purpose ‘to merge women and information together to transfer knowledge, inspiration, wisdom and actionable solutions so you can find the work you love through entrepreneurship’. Content published on the site include articles, case studies, interviews, and other resources on work, business, entrepreneurship, money, productivity, and personal development, among other topics. FreelanceMom was founded and is owned by Lisa Stein.

FreelanceMom is open to pitches for articles from its readers and other interested contributors. Accepted content must be original works, previously unpublished, between 900 to 1,500 words, and offer ‘current practical and actionable advice’. If your article is selected for publication, you will be paid between $75 to $100 via PayPal. Additionally, if your article becomes the site’s monthly most-shared piece, you’ll receive a $150-bonus.

Note that you have to make a pitch first before submitting your full article: send the outline of your proposed article (and other info) and, if you get approved, only then can you submit your entire piece.

2. A Fine Parent

A Fine Parent is a positive parenting website that contains numerous articles and other resources on motherhood, parenting, and child rearing, as well as exclusive online classes and courses available only to paying members. It was founded by Sumitha Bhandarkar in 2013 as a personal blog, and the site has since then grown into a massive online community of over a hundred thousand parents joined in the belief that ‘great parents are made, not born’.

A Fine Parent welcomes article submissions from parents who want to share their stories and impart insights. Articles must be original and hitherto unpublished, written in web format, contain 1,500 to 3,000 words, and must have action plans at the end. Selected pieces often include powerful personal anecdotes, useful lessons and learnings, and references to relevant books and literature. Published articles are paid $75 each via PayPal.  

3. Her View From Home

Her View From Home is a website that prides itself as the ‘place millions of women turn for positive inspiration about parenting, marriage, relationships, and faith’. Founded by Leslie Means in 2012 to ‘provide a platform for women to tell their stories and feel connected to others’, Her View From Home now boasts a community of over 1,000 writers, a social media following numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and several million monthly visitors to the site itself. 

Her View From Home encourages submissions of original and previously unpublished content from interested writers. Your proposed article, which could be about motherhood, marriage, faith, and other topics featured in the website, should be around 600 to 800 words. The emphasis is on genuine and heartfelt writing.

Compensation is based on the number of unique pageviews your article gets within 30 days after online publication. The payment tier is as follows: $10 (0 to 999 views), $20 (1,000 to 1,999 views), $30 (2,000 to 2,999 views), $60 (3,000 to 3,999 views), and $100 (4,000 views and above). Payments are made via PayPal.

4. The Green Parent

The Green Parent is a British natural parenting and green lifestyle magazine that is published twice monthly. It was established in 2002, and now boasts an international readership of over 150,000. Each issue of the magazine features thought-provoking pieces on respectful parenting, pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, sleep, play, home education, natural health, and environmental concerns, along with beautiful illustrations and photographs.

The Green Parent is always pleased to accept unsolicited articles from regular readers or from other interested contributors. The most sought-after pieces include first-person features on real-life experiences, as well as articles on pregnancy and conception, breastfeeding, family life and simple living, alternative education, natural health and beauty, green travel, gardening, and sustainable fashion.

Full-length articles should be around 1,500 to 2,000 words, while short opinion pieces should run no more than 600 words. Payment is pegged at £75 per 1,000 words, and is paid via bank transfer upon publication. As an author, you’ll also receive a complimentary voucher copy of The Green Parent.

5. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul is a series of bestselling books that features short, inspirational stories and motivational essays about ‘ordinary people having extraordinary experiences’. It currently has over 275 titles, been translated into 43 languages, published in over 100 countries, and sold more than 500 million copies worldwide, with over 110 million copies in the U.S. and Canada alone.

While Chicken Soup for the Soul books are widely varied, with each issue featuring a different theme, most of its stories deal with topics that moms know by heart, such as family, children, adolescence, parenting, motherhood, pregnancy, marriage, love, relationships, faith, and spirituality, among others.   

Chicken Soup for the Soul has many books and titles in development, and continues to welcome contributions from writers anywhere in the world who have their own story to tell, either in prose or as a poem. Your story should be true, personal, emotional, evocative, powerful, and inspirational. If your piece is chosen for publication, you will receive $200, along with ten free copies of the book your story or poem appears in, an exclusive monthly newsletter, and book discounts. 

6. Motherwell

Motherwell is an online publication that ‘tells all sides of the parenting story, with original content on family life, culture, obstacles and the process of overcoming them’. The site covers such topics as family, parenting, motherhood, fertility, pregnancy, mental health, work-life balance, education, relationships, and more. Motherwell was created by Lauren Apfel and Randi Olin, who are also the site’s executive editors.

Motherwell believes that ‘modern parenting is a complicated entity and, as such, every single mom and dad out there has a unique voice that can contribute to our understanding of it’. Therefore, it offers both paid and unpaid opportunities for content submissions. Paid content refers to personal essays, which are first-person narratives that have a unique take on an aspect of parenthood, as well as perspective pieces, which are interpretations of newsy, topical, or controversial issues that combine analysis and anecdote to form solid arguments. Word count limit for either is 1,200 words. Payment for published pieces is undisclosed. 

7. Yummy Mummy Club

Yummy Mummy Club (YMC) is a Canadian-based online magazine about motherhood, family, parenting, pregnancy, home, health, lifestyle, and more. In its own words, YMC is ‘the lens through which Canadian women with kids find inclusive, intelligent, unfiltered stories and opinions, as well as the little things to help them win their day’. It was created by Erica Ehm in 2007 as ‘a place for moms to celebrate and commiserate the realities of modern motherhood’, and the magazine has since then become a well-known and influential resource for Canadian parents.

YMC is open to pitches from interested writers. There are no specific guidelines for articles: contributors can write about anything, so long as it fits within the YMC’s mandate, although pieces about parenting humor, trending topics, lists, and personal stories are especially welcome. Remember, you must send your pitch first; if you get accepted, only then can you send your full work. Payment for accepted articles is undisclosed.

8. JustParents

JustParents is a UK-based website and online community for ‘parents and parents-to-be to swap advice, get support in the wonderful journey of parenthood, and make new friends’. It features plenty of posts and articles on pregnancy and parenting, as well as other related resources, such as a database of baby names, a due date calculator, etc. It also has a forum for members to share their experiences, build meaningful relationships, ask questions, and get honest advice. 

JustParents is always interested in useful and relevant content from contributors, especially articles that provide information on a certain topic of pregnancy or parenting, or an opinion piece concerning a certain aspect of parenthood. For interested writers, send first your pitch for an article. If your suggestion gets approved, only then can you send your full composition. Articles approved for publication are paid via PayPal, although the exact amount is currently undisclosed.

9. Mamalode

Mamalode is a content company that ‘tells the most important parenting stories, on platforms ranging from print magazines, digital, social, video, podcasts and live events’. Its website encompasses a vast collection of interesting reads and other resources on parenthood, pregnancy, children, adoption, special needs, and other related topics. Mamalode publishes and pays for original feature essays (400 to 1,500 words) from contributors. Payment is based on the number of unique views your piece gets 30 days after it goes live.


POPSUGAR is a global women’s lifestyle brand with a website and online platform that features content on beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness, food, and parenting, and that boasts a readership of over 300 million a month. It welcomes submissions from writers or experts who want to share their story, including compositions on topics such as parenting hacks, fitness experiments, beauty product reviews, shopping guides, actionable life tips, and relationships, birth, or wedding stories. The recommended word count is between 800 to 1,200 words. Payment for a published story is undisclosed.

11. PTO Today

PTO Today is an online platform containing articles, resources, and products for PTO, PTA, and other school parent groups at more than 84,000 elementary and middle schools across the United States. It currently accepts queries and pitches on content such as instructional pieces, best practices, idea roundups, and more. Your article should focus on topics like parent involvement, leadership, fundraising, group management and organization, working with school staff, extracurricular and enrichment opportunities, etc. Pay scale ranges from $125 to $500, depending on the difficulty of the topic and your experience as a writer.

12. Adoptive Families

Adoptive Families is a quarterly digital magazine and website that prides itself as ‘the leading information resource for parents before, during, and after adoption’. It is encouraging contributors to share their stories, insights, and experiences with other adoptive families through great writing. Currently, the site welcomes personal essay and reported article submissions on such topics as deciding to adopt, infertility, navigating the adoption process, special needs adoption, adoptees’ perspectives, and more. Published personal essays are compensated with a one-year subscription to the magazine and one-year membership to the website. Published articles, meanwhile, are paid, with the pay rates scaled accordingly.

13. Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a Christian website containing articles and other resources on marriage, parenting, family, and faith. It is open to articles or pitches from interested writers. While the site calls for submissions on a specific theme or topic every now and then, it continuously accepts general articles written about ‘hands-on, practical ideas for parenting kids’. Articles must be 50 to 300 words. Accepted articles are paid $50 each.

14. ADDitude

ADDitude is a quarterly print magazine containing expert advice and caring support for parents and adults living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities (LD), and related conditions. While most of its articles are written by journalists and mental health professionals, the magazine also accepts first-person articles written by those with personal experience with or helpful insight on ADHD or LD, such as parents. Articles are usually no more than 2,000 words and payment varies according to the article length and the experience and expertise of the author, among other factors.

15. National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

The National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities invites parents with disabilities to share their story and experience in a blog post or video. Your blog post should be no more than 1,000 words, and can cover the current featured topic (which changes periodically) or a different topic, as long as it’s related to your personal experiences as a parent with a disability, it’s something you’re comfortable sharing with the public, and it’s not politics. You will be paid $100 if your work is published.

16. Alaska Parent

Alaska Parent is a quarterly family and parenting magazine that is well regarded as a go-to resource for parents in Alaska. The magazine currently seeks feature stories (800-1,200 words), short feature stories (500-800 words), and tips (150-600 words) covering local interests, health and wellness, pregnancy and babies, education, travel, hands-on activities, seasonal interests, parental involvement, and family fun, among other topics. Feature stories must have a local focus and require, at a minimum, two interviews with local experts and/or parents. Payment for original articles is $40-$200.

17. Atlanta Parent

Atlanta Parent is a regional family and parenting magazine with a monthly reach of 420,000 families in the Atlanta metro area. Welcome submissions include personal essays (400-500 words) that discuss the fun or quirky side of parenting; practical articles (400-600 words) that address parenting pain points; and feature articles (800-1,200 words) that tackle topics such as childcare, education, adolescence, motherhood, family travel, kids’ products, and navigating the joys and challenges of parenting. Payment for published shorter articles (300-600 words) is $25-$60, while payment for published feature stories begins at $100.

18. Chesapeake Family Life

Chesapeake Family Life is a monthly parenting and lifestyle magazine with a readership of over 90,000 in Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Its readers are parents, most of whom are moms. Contributors, especially local ones, who want to write a feature (1,000 words) or a column (750 words) should cover topics that relate to local family life, as well as local travel. For assigned articles, the pay range is $75-$200, with articles that require more research at the higher rate.

19. Georgia Family

Georgia Family is a regional parenting publication and a trusted local resource of parents in Central Georgia. It boasts a circulation of 15,000 monthly copies and a readership of over 55,000. The magazine welcomes well researched articles from freelance writers, especially feature stories that can be localized to parenting in the region, although general articles that relate to family life are also accepted. Articles should not exceed 700 words. Payment is $20-$80 on average.

20. Southwest Ohio Parent

Southwest Ohio Parent is a leading parenting publication that serves the cities of Cincinnati and Dayton, as well as the surrounding communities, in Ohio. Every month, the magazine delivers carefully crafted and curated stories on a variety of parenting topics to its more than 130,000 readers. SW Ohio Parent is a local resource for parents in the region. Thus, it mostly accepts submissions that cover local stories, although it does publish articles meant for a national audience from time to time. Interested contributors should refer to the magazine’s editorial calendar for the assigned article topics. Payment depends on the assigned word count.

21. Hudson Valley Parent

The regional parenting magazine Hudson Valley Parent caters to parents and families in the Hudson Valley of New York. Its topics include local camps, schools, health, family life, and places to go. Its audience is primarily made up of middle- and-upper-income moms whose children range in age from infants to 14 years. Hudson Valley Parent is actively seeking submissions from freelance writers, especially local stories from local contributors. Carefully researched, locally slanted feature articles (700-1,200 words) written in the first-person are preferred. The general pay is $80 for 700–800-word stories, and $90-$120 for 1,200-word or more stories.

22. Indy’s Child

Indy’s Child is monthly parenting magazine in Indiana with a readership of over 75,000. It does accommodate submissions, but since the magazine is dedicated to being a local resource for the community, it’s partial to what Indy area experts and parents have to say. If you want to contribute as a freelance writer, send an email to the magazine’s editor outlining your interest and experience, along with several samples of your work. Payment is based on the assigned word count.

23. Metro Parent

Metro Parent is a print and digital magazine that has been providing information, advice, and inspiration to over 500,000 parents in Detroit and southeast Michigan since 1986. It offers local families with the best community resources, events, advice, stories, things to do with kids, and much more. Metro Parent currently offers a ton of paid writing opportunities to contributors who want to cover the local parenting scene. Accepted articles range from tips and tricks (50 words, $25), personal perspective essays (600 words, $75) to features (1,200-2,500 words, $200), and so much more.

24. Minnesota Parent

Minnesota Parent is the go-to guide for parenting information, ideas, inspiration, resources, and events for thousands of families throughout the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) and surrounding areas in Minnesota. Writers who live in Minnesota, or just outside of it, are invited to submit articles on maternity, childbirth, kid health and development, child care, education, toys and technology, places-to-go, things-to-do, etc. These articles can be in the form of columns, features, or essays. Payment is negotiated with the editor.

25. North State Parent

North State Parent is a monthly publication that serves the northern counties of California. Through its print and digital platforms, it features reads and resources on parenting issues, community, pregnancy and birth, newborns, toddlers, youth and teens, education, health, recipes, and more. The magazine welcomes unsolicited submissions that deal with topics relevant to the communities the magazine caters to. Typical length of published pieces is 400-500 words, while feature pieces can run from 600 to 1,000 words. Writers are paid upon publication. 

26. Parents & Kids

Parents & Kids is Mississippi’s premier parenting and family magazine. Apart from being the state’s largest print publication, it also maintains a digital platform. Parents & Kids offers local real-life solutions, sound advice, creative ideas, and practical information to over 278,000 readers in the area. Interested contributors are encouraged to submit articles around 400 words in length, but no more than 600, that deal with topics that parents and families in Mississippi will find relevant and useful. Needless to say, local writers are preferred, but other contributors are also welcome. Pay begins at $25 per article.

27. Raising Arizona Kids

Its name says it all. Raising Arizona Kids is an Arizona-based monthly parenting, family, and lifestyle magazine. It covers local stories and articles on topics that ‘support the experience of raising children in Arizona’, such as adoption, foster care, health, education, special needs, etc. It also features other resources such as local schools and summer camps. Only Arizona-based writers are welcome to submit well researched and fact-checked articles that offer local information and feature local parents and experts. Writers may choose to send in features (1,000+ words, $100 and above), departmental submissions (300-600 words, $50 and above), or web-exclusive posts (300-600 words, $50 and above).

28. Richmond Family Magazine

Richmond Family Magazine (RFM) is a local monthly publication that caters to parents and families in the Metro Richmond area of Virginia. Welcome articles vary in length from 600 to 2,400 words, and ranges from profiles that highlight local people; travel pieces that promote local sights and scenes; to full-length features that thoroughly explore topics like family life, healthy living, education, working parents, etc. and that include anecdotal information from local experts and parents. Payment is based on experience and quality of work and will be made at the time of acceptance.

29. San Diego Family

The monthly parenting publication San Diego Family is the local authority when it comes to family and parenting matters in San Diego County, California. The magazine, through its print and digital mediums, offers topical information, insight, and inspiration to over 165,000 parents in the area. Currently, the publication has a call for submissions of well-written, thought-provoking, full-length feature articles (700-1,000 words) and short features (400-700 words) that tackle timely parenting issues and highlight local experts or content. Preference is given to local writers. Payment is made upon publication.

30. Western New York Family

Western New York Family is a monthly local parenting publication that serves the Buffalo Niagara region in New York. Featuring articles on every imaginable topic of interest to local parents, the publication boasts a monthly print issue readership of 50,000, and over 7,000 for the digital issues. It continuously welcomes submissions from interested writers, especially local ones, of articles that address current parenting issues with a Western New York tie-in whenever possible. Payment is made upon publication, and ranges anywhere from $40 to $150 depending on the type of article, its length, etc.

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About the author

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