One Story: Submit Your Literary Fiction Story and Earn $500

Are you an aspiring writer with a flair for literary fiction? Do you dream of sharing your captivating short story with a wider audience and earning recognition for your talent? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the incredible opportunities offered by One Story, a renowned literary magazine that celebrates the art of storytelling through its unique approach to publishing. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting your literary journey, One Story provides an exceptional platform for you to showcase your work and connect with a passionate community of readers and writers.

Within the pages of One Story, you’ll discover a treasure trove of carefully curated short stories that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact. But what sets One Story apart from other literary magazines? What kind of stories are they looking for, and who can submit their work? How does the submission process work, and what are the benefits of being published in One Story? We’ll answer all these questions and more as we delve into the fascinating world of One Story.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a literary adventure and explore the possibilities of having your story featured in One Story, keep reading. Discover the submission guidelines, understand why One Story is a trusted and respected platform for writers, and uncover the many reasons why you should consider submitting your own literary fiction to this prestigious publication. Let’s dive into the world of One Story and unleash the power of your storytelling talents!

What is One Story?

One Story is a distinguished literary magazine dedicated to promoting the art of short fiction. Since its inception in 2002, One Story has gained widespread recognition for its unique approach to storytelling. Unlike traditional literary magazines that publish collections of stories, One Story stands out by focusing on a single, exceptional story in each issue. This distinctive format allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the richness and depth of a single narrative, experiencing the power of concise storytelling.

One Story embraces the belief that a well-crafted short story has the ability to captivate readers and leave a lasting impact. By curating and showcasing the very best in literary fiction, One Story has cultivated a passionate community of readers and writers who appreciate the artistry and beauty of succinct storytelling.

Through its commitment to promoting literary fiction, One Story has become a sought-after platform for both emerging and established authors. Each carefully selected story represents a diverse range of styles, themes, and perspectives, ensuring a vibrant and engaging reading experience. From thought-provoking literary realism to imaginative tales steeped in magical realism, One Story provides a space for storytellers to explore the vast possibilities of the short fiction genre.

One Story’s dedication to literary excellence extends beyond the pages of their magazine. They also offer educational programs and resources that nurture and inspire the writing community. From workshops and mentorship opportunities to online classes and writing conferences, One Story actively contributes to the development and growth of aspiring writers.

By embracing the power of a single story and creating a space for literary exploration, One Story has become a cherished platform for readers and writers alike. It continues to shape the landscape of contemporary short fiction and offers a gateway to discovering remarkable new voices in the literary world.

Remember, as you embark on your writing journey, One Story welcomes submissions that adhere to their guidelines. Crafting a story that meets their criteria can be a gateway to sharing your work with a passionate audience and potentially earning recognition and compensation for your literary talent.

Is One Story legit?

Absolutely! One Story is a legitimate and highly respected literary magazine that has earned its reputation within the literary community. Since its establishment in 2002, One Story has consistently showcased outstanding short fiction, making it a sought-after platform for both emerging and established writers.

The magazine’s commitment to literary excellence is reflected in its rigorous selection process. The editorial team at One Story carefully reviews each submission, seeking stories that demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship, originality, and the ability to engage readers on a deep and emotional level. With a focus on publishing only one story per issue, One Story provides a unique reading experience that allows readers to fully immerse themselves in a singular narrative.

One Story’s contributions to the literary world extend beyond publishing. The magazine actively supports the writing community through educational programs and resources. From workshops and mentorship opportunities to online classes and writing conferences, One Story provides valuable support and guidance to aspiring writers, fostering their growth and development.

By publishing stories that span a wide range of styles, themes, and perspectives, One Story creates a diverse and dynamic collection of literary fiction. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that readers encounter a broad spectrum of voices and narratives, further enriching their reading experience.

As you consider submitting your own work to One Story, rest assured that it is a reputable and trustworthy publication. Its longevity, track record of publishing exceptional fiction, and recognition within the literary world make it a desirable platform for writers seeking to share their stories with a broader audience.

So, if you have a compelling short story that aligns with One Story’s guidelines, I encourage you to take the leap and submit your work. It could be an incredible opportunity to have your story recognized and appreciated by a passionate community of readers and fellow writers.

What is One Story looking for?

One Story is on the lookout for literary fiction pieces that fall within the word count range of 3,000 to 8,000 words. They welcome stories of any style and subject matter, as long as they possess the essential qualities of excellence and a strong standalone nature. One Story seeks to publish stories that leave readers fulfilled, resonating long after the final page.

Who can write for One Story?

One Story encourages both emerging and established writers to submit their work. If you have a compelling story that fits their guidelines, you have a chance to see your work published and reach a wider audience. One Story welcomes submissions from both domestic and international writers, creating a diverse and inclusive platform.

How much can I earn writing?

By contributing to One Story, writers have the opportunity to earn $500 along with 25 contributor copies for First Serial North American rights. This compensation demonstrates One Story’s commitment to valuing the efforts of writers and supporting their creative endeavors. Additionally, after publication, all rights to the story revert back to the author.

Why should I write for One Story?

One Story offers several compelling reasons why you should consider submitting your work to their esteemed literary magazine. Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

  • Prestige and Recognition: Being published in One Story carries significant prestige within the literary community. The magazine has a distinguished reputation for curating and showcasing exceptional short fiction. Having your work selected by One Story can serve as a mark of recognition for your talent and can open doors to further opportunities in your writing career.
  • Exposure to a Wide Audience: One Story boasts a dedicated readership of literary enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate each new issue. By publishing your story in One Story, you have the opportunity to reach a diverse and engaged audience, expanding your readership and gaining visibility within the literary world.
  • Professional Editing and Support: If your story is accepted for publication, you can expect to receive professional editing and guidance from One Story’s experienced editorial team. Their expertise and insights can help refine your story, ensuring that it reaches its full potential and resonates with readers.
  • Valuing Literary Fiction: One Story is committed to celebrating the art of literary fiction. By submitting your work to One Story, you are aligning yourself with a publication that shares your passion for the craft. It is a platform that appreciates and prioritizes the power of well-crafted narratives, offering a space where your story can be fully appreciated.

  • Financial Compensation: In addition to the recognition and exposure, One Story offers financial compensation. If your story is selected for publication, you will receive a payment of $500, along with 25 contributor copies. This acknowledgment of your talent and dedication can support your creative endeavors and provide tangible encouragement to continue writing.
  • Networking Opportunities: Being part of the One Story community opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. You’ll have the chance to connect with fellow writers, established authors, and industry professionals. Building these connections can provide invaluable support, mentorship, and collaboration possibilities that can propel your writing career forward.
  • Educational Resources: One Story goes beyond publishing by offering educational programs, workshops, and resources to support writers at all stages of their journey. Engaging with these opportunities can enhance your writing skills, deepen your understanding of the craft, and foster personal and professional growth.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Writing for One Story allows you to share your unique voice and storytelling abilities with a wider audience. There’s a sense of fulfillment that comes with knowing that your story has resonated with readers and left a lasting impact. Contributing to a publication like One Story can be a gratifying experience that fuels your creative drive and inspires you to continue honing your craft.

In conclusion, writing for One Story offers the chance to be part of a prestigious literary publication, gain exposure to a dedicated readership, receive professional editing and support, and connect with a community of passionate writers. Submitting your work to One Story aligns you with a publication that values literary fiction and provides opportunities for growth and recognition. So, seize the opportunity and share your compelling story with One Story’s discerning audience.

How do I submit my story?

To submit your story to One Story, follow their submission guidelines, which can be found on their website. One Story specifically seeks previously unpublished material, except for stories that have been published in print outside of North America. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but writers are expected to promptly withdraw their submission if their work is accepted elsewhere. Accepted file types include DOC, DOCX, PDF, and RTF. Remember to include the story title and your contact information on the first page of the submitted file.

What to expect after submission

After submitting your story to One Story, you can expect a response within approximately three months. Due to the high volume of submissions received, it may take some time to receive a decision. Please be patient, as the editorial team at One Story endeavors to give each submission a thoughtful read. Unfortunately, they are unable to provide individual feedback on every story due to the large number of submissions received.


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Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .


About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .

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