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MoneyPantry: Earn up to $150 Writing About Making and Saving Money

Are you passionate about discovering unique ways to make and save money? Look no further than MoneyPantry, a legitimate platform that offers you the opportunity to share your practical insights and get rewarded for your expertise. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of MoneyPantry, its legitimacy, the type of content they are seeking, the earning potential, and how you can submit your articles. Get ready to embark on a rewarding journey of writing about money matters and maximizing your income.

What is MoneyPantry?

MoneyPantry is an online platform dedicated to helping individuals explore unconventional and effective methods for earning and saving money. Through insightful articles, MoneyPantry aims to provide its readers with practical strategies and actionable advice that can be applied in their everyday lives.

Is MoneyPantry Legit?

One of the first questions that may come to mind is the legitimacy of MoneyPantry. Rest assured, MoneyPantry is a reputable platform with a proven track record. Countless individuals have successfully contributed their stories and earned money through this platform. With its transparent payment system and a commitment to publishing high-quality content, MoneyPantry provides an excellent opportunity for writers to showcase their expertise.

What is MoneyPantry looking for?

MoneyPantry is constantly seeking fresh, engaging, and previously unpublished content related to earning and saving money. They are particularly interested in articles that offer detailed stories with numbers, strategies, and tips. If you have an idea or a story that hasn’t been covered on MoneyPantry yet, they would love to hear from you.

Who can write for MoneyPantry?

MoneyPantry welcomes all writers, regardless of their experience level. Whether you are a professional freelance writer or someone with a unique money-saving idea, you are encouraged to contribute. MoneyPantry believes that everyone has something valuable to share when it comes to making and saving money.

How much can I earn writing?

The compensation for writing for MoneyPantry ranges from $30 to $150 per article, depending on various factors such as the quality and usefulness of the content. Before your article gets published, MoneyPantry will inform you of the exact amount you will be paid. Once your post goes live, you can expect to receive your payment promptly through PayPal.

Why should I write for MoneyPantry?

There are several compelling reasons to consider writing for MoneyPantry. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to monetize your knowledge and experiences in the realm of money-making and saving. Secondly, MoneyPantry offers a wide readership, ensuring that your insights reach a broad audience. Lastly, by contributing to MoneyPantry, you can establish yourself as an authority in the field and gain exposure for your writing.

How do I submit my article?

Submitting your article to MoneyPantry is a straightforward process. To ensure your submission is considered, follow these guidelines:

  1. Aim for a minimum of 700 words, with longer articles in the 1000 to 2000 words range.
  2. Begin your post with an introduction and conclude with a takeaway or final words.
  3. Write in a friendly, conversational style to engage readers.
  4. Focus on providing practical and actionable advice to help readers with earning, saving, or growing their money.
  5. Include real-life examples, and if referencing something you haven’t personally experienced, provide a reputable source with a link.
  6. Link to other relevant posts on MoneyPantry using appropriate keywords.
  7. Add a brief bio at the bottom of your post, including a link to your site if desired. However, note that MoneyPantry does not pay for articles containing links to your site or a company you work with.
  8. Only submit unique and previously unpublished content. MoneyPantry does not accept articles that have been published elsewhere, including on personal blogs, social media, or other websites.

Breaking up the content

To enhance readability, it’s essential to break up your content effectively. Consider the following tips:

  1. Keep paragraphs to a maximum of 2-3 sentences.
  2. Utilize single-sentence paragraphs whenever possible.
  3. Use short one or two-word sentences or paragraphs for visual breaks.
  4. Incorporate bulleted and numbered lists when appropriate.
  5. Implement headings and subheadings to separate different sections of your post.

To gain a better understanding of MoneyPantry’s style and formatting, take a look at some of their existing blog posts.

What Should I Write About?

MoneyPantry encourages you to write about anything related to earning and saving money. However, they are specifically interested in unique and unconventional ideas and strategies that everyday people can use to improve their financial situations. Before submitting your article, be sure to search MoneyPantry.com to ensure your proposed topic or title hasn’t been covered already.

Do I get paid?

Yes, MoneyPantry values your contribution and compensates writers whose posts are published. However, keep in mind that you are not paid solely for submitting a post. Payment is only provided if your post is published. The amount you earn varies depending on the quality and usefulness of your article, typically ranging from $30 to $150 per post. MoneyPantry will inform you of the specific payment amount before publishing your article.

When do I get paid?

Once your post goes live on MoneyPantry, you can expect to receive your payment promptly via PayPal. MoneyPantry strives to process payments as quickly as possible.

Will they edit my submission?

MoneyPantry is committed to maintaining the style and tone of its platform while preserving your unique voice. Therefore, they will edit every submission to ensure it aligns with their guidelines. They may also add affiliate links within the post, but you will be notified of any changes before publication.

Do I need to add a picture?

No, MoneyPantry takes care of adding pictures to the published posts. You can focus solely on crafting your written content.

What about a headline/title?

While MoneyPantry encourages you to include an attention-grabbing headline, they reserve the right to edit or change it to ensure proper SEO and alignment with their style.

How do I submit my post?

To submit your post, prepare an HTML version of your content in a simple text file. Email your submission to editor@moneypantry.com, using “MoneyPantry Guest Post” as the subject line. Please note that MoneyPantry will not respond to guest posts that are not in HTML format or lack the specified subject line.

Important: Please Be Patient

MoneyPantry receives a high volume of emails and strives to respond as promptly as possible. However, due to the volume, it may take up to a week or even longer for them to reply. If you haven’t received a response within two weeks, feel free to send a gentle reminder email.

Anything else I need to know?

That covers the essential information you need to get started with writing for MoneyPantry. Remember, uniqueness, practicality, and usefulness are key elements for successful submissions. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you can contribute to helping others make or save more money. MoneyPantry looks forward to reading your submission and wishes you the best of luck on your writing journey!



About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .


About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .

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