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iVueit: The App That Pays You to Take Photos With Your Phone

Do you want to earn money just by taking photos with your smartphone? Then here’s something you need to check out: iVueit. It’s an app that pays you real money just by snapping some photos with your phone. Of course, there’s more to it than that, so if you’re interested, then read on. Here’s a little review I’ve written about this app to help you understand what it’s really all about, why it’s certainly worth your while, and how it can help you earn extra cash just by taking photos.

What is iVueit?

iVueit is a platform that provides visual information and documentation (think of photos) on the properties of some of the largest businesses in the United States. It utilizes the services of thousands of freelancers – known as Vuers – across the country to collect real-time photos and customer insights on business properties. Vuers, as the app itself puts it, are ‘everyday people living, working, and shopping in the towns and cities where the sites are located’.

For its clients, iVueit offers a fast, affordable, and reliable way to gather information about the properties they manage. By harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, iVueit can provide exterior and interior site inspection, quality control, visual validation, asset verification, and other such services anywhere and anytime. Businesses benefit as they need not spend money and send in their own personnel to do these activities.

For Vuers, on the other hand, iVueit is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash with just your smartphone, and all by taking a handful of photos. You can make money on your own time and you can choose the iVueit projects – known as Vues – you want to do. Plus, the Vues themselves take no more than a few minutes to complete, the pay is nice, and your money is credited to your account instantly.

Is iVueit legit?

Yes, iVueit is absolutely legitimate.

As of this writing, the iVueit app has a 4.2-star rating on the App Store based on over a thousand reviews, and a 4.1-star rating on Google Play based on nearly two thousand reviews and more than 100,000 installs. And yes, a lot people have been making money off iVueit. You can read what they have to say about the app here (App Store) and here (Google Play).

Meanwhile, iVueit LLC, the company behind the iVueit app, has been around since 2014 and has its headquarters in Westerville, Ohio. It has the trust and business of some of the world’s largest brands, including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Verizon, Sprint, 7-Eleven, etc. You can visit the company’s website here to learn more about them.

Who can become a Vuer?

Currently, iVueit only operates in the United States.

So as long as you’re in the US, you can become a Vuer. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to apply:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a smartphone (to download the iVueit app and to take pictures)
  • You must have a PayPal account (it’s where you’ll get paid)

So, yeah, there aren’t a lot of prerequisites, making it easy and free for almost anybody to become a Vuer.

Why should I become a Vuer?

iVueit offers you a chance to earn money simply by taking photos with your smartphone – something you’re probably doing every day anyway. You can choose when you want to work, pick the projects or Vues you want to do, complete them in minutes, and have your money sent to you instantly. Plus, you get to travel around your town or city, discover interesting places you haven’t seen before, and find out more about your neighborhood.

How do I become a Vuer?

By simply downloading the iVueit app on your smartphone. You can download the app from the App Store here, or from Google Play here. Once you have it downloaded and installed, set up your Vuer account as prompted. Then you can start completing Vues and start earning money.

What do I do as a Vuer?

As a Vuer, you will be asked to complete Vues – these require you to go to specific sites or addresses, capture the requested photos, and submit them, all of which are done via the iVueit app. As soon as you have the iVueit app installed on your smartphone and activated, you can start completing Vues.

Now, each iVueit project is different, but successfully completing every one of them follows the same exact process, which goes as thus:

  1. Accept a Vue in your area. Through the iVueit app, you’ll be notified when Vues near you become available or you can search surrounding areas. Pick the Vue that interests you, review the specifications, including how much it pays, and claim it before anyone else does.
  2. Take photos. Go to the required site or location, snap the requested photos (say pictures of your local coffee shops’ lawn and mulch, or signages around your local bank), and upload them as is.
  3. Complete a short survey. Answer some simple questions about the status of the property you visited.
  4. Upload images and info. Make sure your photos are uploaded and the survey questions answered before clicking ‘Submit’.
  5. Get paid. If everything is approved, you’ll then get paid. The client gets their photos, you get your money in your in-app wallet immediately.

Simple and straightforward, right? Just the way it should be. Anyway, you can check out more info about being a Vuer here.

How much can you earn with iVueit?

Your pay varies depending on the task. But in general, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $100 for every Vue you successfully complete. Your pay is credited to your in-app wallet almost instantly, and you can withdraw your money to your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Given that most Vues take only minutes to complete, working for iVueit can become lucrative quite fast. But do keep in mind that your pay also depends on where you are. Sometimes, there will be a lot of projects offered in your area. Sometimes, there will only be one or two available. So as a general rule, being a Vuer is at best a side hustle rather than a fulltime job.

Is iVueit worth it?


You’ll be getting paid for something you probably do every day anyway – taking photos. You’ll be earning money for visiting locations close to you, locations that you probably go to or pass by every day anyway. The only equipment you need is your smartphone. You can pick the jobs or Vues you want, do them in mere minutes, and have your money in your account instantly!

Really, what’s not to like about iVueit?

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About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this travel blog. I am an ardent dreamer, an aspiring adventurer, and a passionate storyteller. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .

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