Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022: Best Gifts for Dad

It’s Father’s Day! For the fathers who stayed, for the dads who cared, for the papas who loved us, this is the time we show them that we love and appreciate them. So give Dad some love and make him feel special by presenting him with a nice, little gift. Something sweet, something meaningful, something useful. From shirts to shoes to smart watches, here are some cool and useful gift ideas for Father’s Day that Dad will surely love.

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1. A new shirt

Right off the bat, a gift that’s truly functional. Something Dad can use all the time. I’m talking about a shirt. Like this short-sleeved shirt from Amazon Essentials. It’s a comfy, button-up cotton shirt that can be worn almost anywhere. Looks good with jeans or shorts for casual events, or pair it with a smart jacket for more formal occasions. Available in different colors and patterns.

Dad’s not a fan of short sleeves, eh? How about you get him this long-sleeved shirt from Amazon Essentials instead? It’s a nice poplin shirt, 100% cotton, that’s designed to be a go-to pick for any casual occasion. Can double as a dress shirt, too.

Another good choice is this long-sleeved fleece shirt by Wrangler Authentics. Soft, comfy, and warm, this one’s made for colder weather, perfect for layering in the winter or during cool fall evenings. And it’s got that classic plaid design that never goes out of style.

2. New neckties

If Dad’s a white shirt and tie everyday guy, or he simply needs new ties, then gift him this six-piece necktie set from Adulove. Made of high-quality material and featuring rich colors and elegant designs, these neckties are perfect for any occasion: casual, business, wedding, banquet, party, graduation, etc. Very affordable, holds up well to daily wear and tear, and super easy to clean.

3. A new cap

This mesh ball cap from Columbia is the perfect cap for daily wear. It looks cool, fits nicely, and its comfortable and durable. This cap is good for the pool, the beach, for fishing, or for any outdoor activity both in and out of the water. If Dad’s an outdoors kind of guy, or you just think his old cap is due for replacement, then this will make for a nice gift.

4. New shoes

Shoes for a gift is always a great idea. Like these Skechers walking shoes. These are probably some of the most comfortable shoes ever made. They’re light, easy to slip on, they fit perfect and stay on well, too. Plus, they do look good enough to be worn just about anywhere. Dad will definitely love these!

Now if Dad does a lot of hiking, trail running, and all that good outdoor stuff, he might prefer shoes that are sturdier and longer-lasting. Something like these trail running shoes by Salomon. Now these are great for when Dad goes running in the neighborhood, or ventures into the local trail, or hikes across more rugged terrain. A bit pricey, but they are very reliable and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Or how about these clogs from Crocs? Not gonna lie, Crocs are some of the most unflattering types of footwear ever made. But despite the hatred they receive, Crocs are some of the most popular shoes out there. Probably because they’re soft, they’re comfy, they’re lightweight, they’re easy to get into, and they’re breathable – it’s like putting nostrils on your feet! Anyway, if Dad prefers comfort over style, these Crocs are a great idea.

5. A new belt

A classic gift for Father’s Day is a nice, new belt. This ratchet belt by Lavemi is one such belt. It’s a beautiful and elegant belt that’s made of premium leather. And instead of a traditional belt buckle, this one has a clever ratchet buckle, which is easily adjustable and fits perfectly no matter how much weight you gain or lose. Made for business or casual events, it looks great with dress pants or with jeans. Comes with a lovely gift box, too.

6. New shaving kit

Also high up on the list of Father’s Day gifts is a new shaving kit. And when it comes to shaving kits, nothing even comes close to the Gillette Heritage double-edge razor set. Featuring five pieces of double-edge, stainless-steel blades and an elegant chrome-plated handle, all of which are enclosed in a handsome brown case, this classic shaving set, a fitting tribute to Gillette’s original razor, is guaranteed to elevate Dad’s shaving experience.

7. A beard care kit

If Dad doesn’t have a beard care set yet, then he will definitely appreciate this Isner Mile beard care kit. It’s an all-in-one package for grooming and trimming beards, complete with a beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, scissors, comb, brush, and even a Beard Bible ebook! Give Dad this gift, and give him the confidence that comes only with a perfectly groomed and gorgeous beard.

8. Grooming set

A personal grooming set would also make a fine gift for Father’s Day. How about this DOVE MEN+ CARE grooming kit? It contains a body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and an antiperspirant, all the things Dad needs to look good, feel good, and smell good throughout the day.

9. A new wallet

Don’t you think Dad’s wallet is too old and frayed, and needs a replacement? If so, then give him this modern wallet from TRAVANDO. This faux leather wallet features a slim, stylish, and modern design on the outside, without compromising on space on the inside. With multiple card slots and pockets, and even a money clip, this wallet fits everything you need, from cards, bills, to IDs, while still fitting perfectly inside your pant pocket. And best of all, it’s got RFID blocking capability to protect against data theft. Comes enclosed in a beautiful gift box.

10. A gym bag

Let Dad know you fully support his fitness goals with this adidas sackpack. Rocking a classic, iconic look, this sackpack is an ideal go-to bag for sports or exercise. It’s not a large bag, but it’s got room enough to carry a towel, change of clothes, shoes, or other essentials. Plus, it has two water bottle pockets. It’s perfect for when Dad hits the gym, heads out for a long run, goes biking, or for other sports or exercise activities.

11. A new watch

Another timeless gift for Father’s Day is a watch. Like this excellent Fossil minimalist watch. Sleek, slim, and stylish, this beautiful timepiece features premium quartz crystal and high-quality leather. Its classic and minimalist look is guaranteed to get noticed, and attract a lot of compliments. Truly a handsome watch that’s made for a handsome gentleman (hint: it’s Dad).

12. A smart watch

If you feel like traditional watches are too cliché, then you might prefer giving Dad a smartwatch instead. Specifically, this smartwatch by Fitpolo. Now smartwatches are often pricey, but this one isn’t: it’s light on the budget, but not light on features. It’s modern, it’s practical, and it offers a ton of helpful functions. Apart from displaying the time, this waterproof smartwatch accurately records and tracks fitness and everyday activities, monitors heart rate, analyzes sleep, etc. It also receives calendar notifications, SMS, incoming calls, etc. And it’s compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones.

13. A new toolkit

For Dads who like to tinker, a new toolkit would make a great gift. This 148-piece toolkit by CARTMAN, for instance, would be something Dad wouldn’t say no to. It’s got 148 of the most useful tools and equipment for repairs, maintenance, and other small DIY tasks around the home. All the tools come securely enclosed in a handy case.  For its cheap price, you won’t find anything better than this toolkit. Good to have around the house, just in case.

14. Something for the car

Dads love their cars. I mean not all of them. But most do. So if you love Dad, then you gotta show some love for the car, too! This Father’s Day, get Dad something automotive-related, something he can put in or on the car. Like this steering wheel cover from KAFEEK. It’s made of durable microfiber leather and breathable silk mesh that’s guaranteed to give you a good, strong, and nonslip grip on the steering wheel, and more control on the road.

Or this scanner from AUTEL. It’s a compact code reader that scans and clears codes – a go-to tool for quick vehicle health status. It’s surprisingly cheap, but definitely a priceless tool to have in the glovebox.

Then there’s also this sun shade by EcoNour. It’s the perfect solution to keep you and your car cool and well-protected from the burning heat of the sun – especially now that summer’s here.

15. A card

But then again, if you can’t settle on a gift, a Father’s Day card is always appreciable. Like this lovely Hallmark Father’s Day card. It’s already a nice gift on its own, but it becomes even better when paired with another gift.

16. A blog

This might seem like a totally weird choice, but there are a lot of reasons why a blog can make for an awesome gift for Dad. First of all, blogging can become Dad’s hobby and pastime, a way to connect with a community of fellow dads and share insights and stories.

Second, if he gets serious at it, blogging can become his full-time business that earns him full-time passive income.

Third, a blog is very affordable. It costs only a few dollars each month, and all the resources to build a blog and make a living out of it are available for free on the Internet. In fact, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog for beginners and earn a full-time income.

A blog is definitely a great gift for dads who would like to start their own business, or who just want a side hustle (and a change of career, if his blog does well). You never know, but Dad might have the skill and hustle to make it big in the blogging world and start earning UP TO $10,000 a month! Seriously!


About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .


About the author

Hi. I’m Jared Jeric dela Cruz, the creator and author of this blog. I'll help you start your own blog, work from home, and make money online. Also travel. Maybe. We'll see. If you find my work helpful, please donate so I can keep doing more .

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