Jared is the founding father daddy of phmillennia, a self-proclaimed writer, and a five-time winner of Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award.

Felicitations, fellow malefactors!

What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Hi there!

Welcome to phmillennia.

It’s pronounced ‘P-H-Millennia.’ Just say the letters ‘P’ & ‘H’ separately, then add ‘millennia’ — like a thousand years, but with a ‘ph’ at the start.

Officially, it’s a digital empowerment & learning hub (fancy words, I know) dedicated to resources covering blogging, making money online, working from home, & boosting productivity.

By the way, I’m Jared dela Cruz. I know introductions are usually at the start, but hey, better late than never.

So, I bet you’re wondering what made me start my blog. No? You’re not interested?

Well, I’ll tell you just the same.

My story begins like all great entrepreneurs’. Richard Branson dropped out of high school & became a billionaire. Mark Zuckerberg left Harvard & reshaped social interactions forever. Bill Gates withdrew from Harvard & turned a garage project into a tech empire.

Inspired by Mark Twain’s saying, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education,” I too left school to chase my passions.

That was Hogwarts. I studied there, but I dropped out. Actually, I was expelled. Got accused of practicing the tickling charm on Thaddeus Thurkell’s seven squib sons & running an underground market of dangerous potions. Only one of those was true.

So now I’m into writing. And blogging.

But I don’t know if you buy any of that.

Regardless, welcome to my blog. I’m thrilled to have you here. Stick around; I promise it’s not all jokes. You’ll discover a treasure trove of useful stuff.

For instance, if you’re interested in making money online & finding passive income opportunities, this is your gold mine. 

You’ll learn about platforms that pay for writing, websites for various online gigs, & apps that pad your wallet. I discuss side hustle ideas, income diversification strategies (again, fancy words), & overall ways to increase your earnings.

I also delve into the world of remote work, offering home office ideas, productivity hacks, & the latest trends.

And, of course, there’s blogging. Whether you’re starting a blog, aiming to monetize it, or seeking tips for success, I’ve got you covered.

So, if you want to start your own blog, I can help you with that. I have a guide here that will help you start a blog from scratch & earn a fulltime income. It’s a complete step-by-step tutorial I crafted especially for beginners, giving you an easy & encouraging push into your blogging journey.

Even if you just want to start a blog to share your thoughts & write for a loving crowd, then it’s still perfect.

But if you plan to monetize it & build it into an online business that allows you to work from home (or anywhere) & earn passive income, so much the better.

I know my blog isn’t much to look at, but I do make money from it. It’s not just the earnings, however, which have been more than enough to cover my expenses & allow for savings, but the sense of freedom & fulfillment it brings. Knowing that what started as a hobby now significantly contributes to my financial independence is empowering.

From my first $100 to $10,000 & beyond, each milestone is not just an achievement, but a source of inspiration. Every paycheck is a reminder that I made the right decision. It’s a clear sign that with dedication & hard work, there’s always room to grow & achieve even more – because I’m only getting started.

Beyond the financial aspect, blogging has connected me with people worldwide. From stay-at-home moms balancing family & career ambitions to students exploring creative ways to fund their education, the impact is real & gratifying. 

Your messages, sharing how my content inspires & guides you, are the true rewards of this venture.

And you know what, I am damn proud of my blog.

I started this blog without knowing the first thing about blogging. I was scared then. But I did it anyway. Took a leap of faith & learned as I went along. Now my humble blog has grown into a community of tens of thousands of monthly readers. And it’s only the beginning.

But I guess that’s just the heart of it. Blogging isn’t really about being the best from the start, nor is it about knowing everything right away – including all the fancy tech & whatnot.


It’s about patience.

It’s about the patience to learn the ropes, to bravely try something new, even if it means looking foolish or taking more time than you expected.

It’s about the patience to make mistakes, learn from them, adapt, & grow.

Most importantly, it’s about the patience to consistently put in the work, day in & day out. To persevere, whether it’s sunny or stormy, especially when progress seems slow, results don’t show, & success seems so far away.

The bloggers who made it big aren’t where they are now because they were the ones who knew everything right from the start. 


They were simply the ones who never gave up & so outlasted all the competition.

But hey, enough about all that, enough about me, alright?

Listen, before you go, I just wanna thank you for stopping by. For supporting my work. For supporting me. You are noble. You are kind. You are beautiful. And you – why, you are my beacon of light, love, & laughter! You make me feel … beloved. And I hope, one day, I can show you how much you mean to me.

And hey, if you find my work useful, throw a bone my way, won’t you? Coz I’m a dawg. Grrr! Ruff ruff! Haha – no. 

But seriously, any tip from you would mean the world to me & would go a long way. I promise I won’t spend it all on deviled eggs.

So, if you have something to spare, send me a token of your love on PayPal. If not, then no worries, I still love you just the same, my darling.

Thank you for the lovely company.

Always and forever yours,


P.S. That starting your own blog thing? Think about it, alright? Here’s the link to it just in case.